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    Tips for Using Dibs

    1. Create a SportNgin Account

    Once the account is set-up it must be activated.  An activation email will be sent to the email address the account was set-up with.

    2. Go back to the website, a pop-up will appear asking if you want to Become a Member, select the ‘Become a member’ option.

    3.  Click on the Dibs  page.

    4.  Select the ‘2016-2017 Volunteer Hours’ hyperlink

    5.  Click on an available volunteer session to get additional information or claim.


    • You need to be logged into SportNgin to be able to claim or view Dibs sessions.
    • Verify the date ranges, there is an option to filter the dates to select a specific date range.
    • Use the page numbers or ‘Next’ hyperlinks to view all available sessions for a date specific date range.

    See the Tips for Using Dibs document for additional screenshots